TOEFL Emergency Course

Emergency Course for the TOEFL® Test

Success in Five Short Hours

The #1 regret of most TOEFL® takers? – Lack of preparation

The Emergency Course for the TOEFL® is designed to eliminate regrets and expand your confidence.

Get ready to walk in on test day like a lean, mean, TOEFL® fighting machine.

By the end of the course you will learn how to:

  • Think like an American university student
  • Score your own speaking and writing responses
  • Focus in on key points in listening passages
  • Take notes like a university professor
  • Build vocabulary skills for the TOEFL® Reading
  • Manage your time in each section of the TOEFL®
  • Eliminate incorrect choices and choose correct ones
  • Boost your speaking confidence with templates
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How does the Emergency Course for the TOEFL® Test work?

You don’t have time to learn every single tiny detail about the TOEFL®.

You just need to know the information that is essential for you to do your best on test day.

This course has been designed for students like you, students who want the very best tips, tricks, and strategies for the TOEFL® in the least amount of time.

Emergency Course for the TOEFL Test

Emergency Course

(for students in a hurry)


2 days – 2 weeks

It includes:

  • 1 Complete Practice Test for the TOEFL®
  • Your Quick Guide for the TOEFL® Test
  • 200 Reading and Listening practice questions
  • Your Ultimate Vocabulary List for the TOEFL® Test
  • 10x downloadable PDFs for the TOEFL®
  • 5 hours of video lectures
  • Unlimited email support

About the Instructor:

Josh MacPherson is the head instructor, presenter, and curriculum developer at TST Prep. As of September 2021, his TST Prep YouTube channel has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. His Emergency Course for the TOEFL® on Udemy has enrolled thousands of students from over 100 countries and, at the time of writing, has earned a 4.6/5 star rating.

Emergency Course

(for students in a hurry + lots of practice)


2 – 6 weeks

It includes:

  • 6 Complete Practice Tests for the TOEFL®
  • Your Quick Guide for the TOEFL® Test
  • 1000 Reading and Listening practice questions
  • 100 Speaking and Writing topics
  • Your Ultimate Vocabulary List for the TOEFL® Test
  • 10x downloadable PDFs for the TOEFL®
  • 5 hours of video lectures
  • Unlimited email support

Course Elements

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Emergency Course
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Emergency Course for the TOEFL®
  • Lesson 2: What to Expect from the Course
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your Study Schedule
Lesson 2: The Reading Section
  • Lesson 4: TOEFL® Reading Introduction
  • Lesson 5: TOEFL® Reading Question Types
  • Lesson 6: Time Management for the TOEFL® Reading
  • Lesson 7: Vocabulary and the TOEFL® Reading
  • Lesson 8: The Essential Vocabulary List for the TOEFL®
  • Lesson 9: How to Read Actively
  • Lesson 10: Using Key Words to Increase Speed and Efficiency
  • Lesson 11: Identifying Incorrect Choices
  • Lesson 12: Next Steps in Your TOEFL® Reading Journey
Lesson 3: The Listening Section
  • Lesson 13: TOEFL® Listening Introduction
  • Lesson 14: TOEFL® Listening Question Types
  • Lessons 15-16: Listening Actively and Finding the Main Idea
  • Lessons 17-18: Note-taking for the TOEFL® Listening
  • Lesson 19: Next Steps in Your TOEFL® Listening Journey
Lesson 3: The Speaking Section
  • Lesson 20: TOEFL® Speaking Introduction
  • Lesson 21: Your Mindset
  • Lessons 22-23: TOEFL® Speaking Question 1
  • Lessons 24-25: TOEFL® Speaking Question 2
  • Lessons 26-27: TOEFL® Speaking Question 3
  • Lessons 28-29: TOEFL® Speaking Question 4
  • Lesson 30: Next Steps in Your TOEFL® Speaking Journey
Lesson 4: The Writing Section
  • Lesson 31: TOEFL® Writing Introduction
  • Lesson 32: The TOEFL® Writing Structure and Three Quick Tips
  • Lessons 33-34: Integrated Writing: Question Types and Taking Notes
  • Lesson 35: Integrated Writing: Time Management and Templates
  • Lesson 36: Integrated Writing: Editing and Self-Scoring
  • Lesson 37: Independent Writing: Structure and Question Types
  • Lesson 38: Independent Writing: Time Management and Templates
  • Lesson 39: Independent Writing: Self-scoring and Grammar Tips
  • Lesson 40: Next Steps in Your TOEFL® Writing Journey
  • Your Quick Guide for the TOEFL®
  • The Essential Vocabulary List for the TOEFL®
  • 10x downloadable PDFs about the TOEFL®
  • 1x (Basic) or 6x (Premium) complete practice tests for the TOEFL®
  • 1000 Reading and Listening questions (Premium)
  • Grammar Builder for the TOEFL® e-book (Premium)
  • Advanced Templates for the TOEFL® Writing (Premium)
  • Guide to Crafting Perfect Personal Examples (Premium)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already know about the TOEFL?

This course is a perfect fit for you. You will hear some information you know, along with new tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to help boost your score in every section.

Is this course only for students in a hurry?

Absolutely not. The time restriction is only so students can focus on the most important elements of the TOEFL®. The lectures themselves are five hours long. However, if you decide to practice the skills you learn in the videos, it will take more time for you to prepare.

What if I have questions during the course?

Our dedicated staff of TOEFL® experts is just an email away. You can direct any questions to [email protected] and expect a response within 24 hours.

Do you guarantee scores?

We guarantee that you will not find this one-of-a-kind advice anywhere else, but we cannot and do not guarantee scores.


Because you are not a machine.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all courses.

How long will I have access to the course?

All courses at TST Prep come with unlimited access for one year. There is no subscription plan. At the end of one year, you will simply be unable to access these materials (unless you purchase again).



The course helped me by providing me with a very well-thought-out overview of the structure of the test and its various nuances.

Within 45 mins of taking the Emergency Course, I had a much better understanding of the test.

Please continue to educate people in the same way. It really does help people move one step closer towards their dream university.


I had no experience with the TOEFL test before. The tips and tricks told to me with a smiling face helped me a lot to reduce my anxiety especially in the speaking section. I have seen his Videos for at least five times and remembered the simple tips like ” Avoid difficult words, speak like a teacher or speak as if you are talking to a ten-year-old child etc.”

Previously I was not aware of your website and I was studying from other learning materials. I will again appear to get my dream score of 106 in the month of April 2020 when I will purchase your teaching package!


Consulting Physician

I was looking for specific TOEFL tips to answer properly, and even though, my English level is good enough, I had no idea how to answer the questions. This is why I looked for other options than the official guides to get ready and found this Emergency Course.
It explains perfectly what to expect and how to address every section, and Josh offers very clear and straight to the point explanations and advice. This is why the TST Prep Emergency Course was a lifesaver! Thanks to this course, I scored 107 points.

Get your Score as quickly and easily as possible