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TOEFL Writing Task #1 in 2021

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But first up, the next round of group classes is starting Monday, January 25th.

Each class is maxed out at 8 students so we make sure each one of you gets the attention you need for the score you want.

Speaking Group Classes:

  • Group B: Mon & Thur – 2 pm EST / 1 pm CST, beginning January 25th

Learn more about the Group Classes for the Speaking Section of the TOEFL® Test.

Reading Group Classes:

  • Mon & Thur – 11:30 am EST / 10:30 am CST, beginning January 25th

Learn more about the Group Classes for the Reading Section of the TOEFL® Test.

Writing Group Classes:

  • Group A: Wed & Fri – 2 pm EST / 1 pm CST, beginning January 27th

Learn more about the Group Classes for the Writing Section of the TOEFL® Test.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our Head of Communications, Marina, at [email protected]


If you have any questions about TOEFL Writing question #1, you can probably find the answer in this new video.


Here’s a tip from Jamie Tanzman, one of our TOEFL Teachers.

A student living in Spain recently told me that he doesn’t have many opportunities to speak English in his home country. He even admitted that to practice, he would just speak aloud to himself. While this is a good approach in a difficult situation, it’s obviously not enjoyable or interactive. Instead, seek out a conversation partner. Here’s how:

Reach out to your TOEFL instructor who likely knows many other students in the same situation. Studying for TOEFL can be boring and isolating, but working together with a partner can make it a more pleasant experience.

In fact, two women from my TOEFL Group classes decided to work together outside of class time. They would send me screenshots of themselves practicing together because they knew it made me happy to see them working together.

Ultimately, the students developed a friendship, in addition to preparing for the TOEFL in a more enjoyable fashion.”

– Jamie

TOEFL Resources

The fastest route to your TOEFL score is practice, which is why we have shared 100 of our TOEFL Reading practice questions for free right here.

These short but powerful exercises are designed to help familiarize you with the TOEFL Reading question types while building your reading skills. You can stop scouring the Internet for TOEFL practice, it is right here.

Stay safe and good luck!

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— Josh MacPherson
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