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Are you too shy for the TOEFL Speaking?

Happy Friday TOEFL Insiders;
Here is your weekly summary of tips and resources in the TOEFL world.

But first up, TOEFL Speaking Group Classes and TOEFL Writing Group Classes are starting Sunday, October 4th.

Each class is maxed out at 8x students so we make sure each one of you gets the attention you need for the score you want.

TOEFL Speaking Group Classes:

  • Group A: Sun & Wed – 7 pm EDT / 6 pm CDT, beginning October 4th
  • Group B: Mon & Thur – 6 pm EDT / 5 pm CDT, beginning October 5th

Learn more about the TOEFL Speaking Group Classes.

TOEFL Writing Group Classes:

  • Group A: Sun & Wed – 6 pm EDT / 5 pm CDT, beginning October 4th

Learn more about the TOEFL Writing Group Classes.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our Head of Communications, Marina, at [email protected]


Looking for sample questions and responses to TOEFL Speaking question 4? Well, you are in luck. We just released our brand new guide to TOEFL Speaking question four, and it’s free.

Michael Goodine over at TOEFL Resources has just completed a 6-part article series all about the new TOEFL Official guide. I’m still waiting on mine but check it out if you would like to compare the old version to the newer one. He has detailed explanations for each section.


Here’s a tip from Katie Reaburn, one of our TOEFL Teachers.

“Could you repeat that?”

I hate that question and I get it all the time when I am speaking in English (my mother tongue). You see, I’m a bit on the shy side, and I don’t project my voice as strongly as others.

This is an issue for the TOEFL test as well. If your voice is too low and the computer can not hear you, you will get a bad score, no matter how well you speak. The good news is that it can be fixed with these quick tips.

Tip #1 – Check your posture. Sit up straight, chest up and shoulders back. Your voice will follow your body, and this posture signals confidence.

Tip #2 – Take a few deep breaths before you start to speak. Give your lungs plenty of air to project your voice out with power

Tip #3 – Now that your body is ready, it is time to practice speaking louder. Sit at a distance from your computer or recording device and imagine your voice travelling over this distance to be heard clearly. Listen to your response and check if you can hear it. If not, try again, only louder this time.


If you keep these three tips in mind and practice them at home, I promise, in less than a week, you will start to notice a difference in the volume of your voice when responding to TOEFL Speaking questions.

– Good luck, Katie

TOEFL Resources

The fastest route to your TOEFL score is practice, which is why we have shared 100 of our TOEFL Listening practice questions for free right here

These short but powerful exercises are designed to help familiarize you with the TOEFL Listening question types while building your listening skills. You can stop scouring the Internet for TOEFL practice, it is right here.

Stay safe and good luck!

Comment below or reply to the original email if you want to get in touch.

We are here to help you get your TOEFL score as quickly and easily as possible.

— Josh MacPherson
Head Instructor at TST Prep


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    Thanks for your program

    • Josh

      Happy to help. Let me know if there is anything else TOEFL related I should make in the future


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