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A message from Jamie, our TOEFL Speaking teacher

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But first up, the next rounds of Group Classes are starting Sunday, October 4th.

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TOEFL Speaking Group Classes:

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TOEFL Writing Group Classes:

  • Group A: Sun & Wed – 6 pm EDT / 5 pm CDT, beginning October 4th

Learn more about the TOEFL Writing Group Classes.

TOEFL Writing Group Classes:

  • Sun & Wed – 5 pm EDT / 4 pm CDT, beginning October 12th

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As expected, the TOEFL Home Edition has been extended to December 31st, 2020. If you would like answers to other frequently asked questions, check out this article.


Here’s a tip from Jamie Tanzman, one of our TOEFL Teachers.


The TOEFL wants you to sound natural and comfortable, but of course that feels like an impossible task during a test. But don’t worry, I know a few little tricks that will help.

1. Practice in front of a mirror. I know it feels weird, but have some fun with it! Try to be extra expressive with your emotions. Make a face you didn’t know you could make. The goal is to exhibit positive and negative emotions when appropriate.

2. Your voice will follow your body. For example, in question one, when you give your opinion, try to use a lot of passion and excitement in your voice to be extra convincing. In question two, change your intonation to match the opinion of the speaker. If the man or woman in the conversation disagrees, have a sadder intonation, while if they agree, take on a more upbeat speaking pattern.

3. Be confident. Reflect the proper emotions expressed in your opinion or in the actors in the conversation passages. That way you sound how the TOEFL expects… natural!

– Good luck, Jamie

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