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Our Top Ten TOEFL Writing Tips video is now live on Youtube. I think you will find tip #1 about verb tenses illuminating.



Here’s a tip from Todd Stuchiner, one of our TOEFL Teachers.

Students often struggle with grammar, particularly subject-verb agreement. Here are four examples from real TOEFL essays:

  1. However, the lecturer completely disagree with the author’s point of view in the reading.

    It should be “disagrees“. Be sure for the third person singular (he/she/it/lecturer/reading passage) you use a third person singular verb.
  2. In my opinion, students should really studies math and science over music and art.

    It should be “study“. For example: “people, sharks, children, pets, arguments and citizens” are all indefinite, countable, plural nouns. As the subject, all of these kinds of nouns are third-person plural (they). This means the verb must also be third-person plural.
  3. Invasion from colonists that spread diseases are the main cause of the fall of the Inca Empire.

    It should be “is“. In the sentence above, “are” is the mistake because “invasion” is the third-person singular subject, but “are” is not the third-person singular form of the verb.
  4. When I was younger, everyone were frustrated with me because I didn’t listen.

    It should be “was“. In the sentence above, “everyone” is the third-person singular subject, but “were” is not the third-person singular form of the verb.

You can learn how to avoid all these mistakes with me, Todd. I specialize in helping students improve their TOEFL Writing.

– Good luck, Todd

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