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Are notes necessary for the TOEFL Speaking?

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ETS has made it official: the TOEFL iBT will continue to be open for registration in 2021, with the new deadline for registration extending to January 30th, 2021. As the pandemic continues to impact our lives, expect the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition test to continue (in my opinion).
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Here’s a tip from Jamie Tanzman, one of our TOEFL Teachers.

A student from Egypt told me that she felt completely overwhelmed by the TOEFL Speaking, particularly tasks 3 and 4. She asked:

“How do I take notes for TOEFL Speaking questions 3 and 4?”

This may surprise you, but don’t take too many notes. Try to avoid writing down every word you hear and instead focus on writing down only verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Remember, the goal is to use a lot of your own words when it is time to speak. Cover the main points, summarize using words from your own head, and avoid repeating exactly what you heard or read.

If you do this on test day, instead of looking down and reading your notes like a robot, you will be able to speak the same way you do when having a conversation with another human being, naturally (which is exactly what the TOEFL wants).”

– Jamie

TOEFL Resources

Are you looking to improve your American accent and pronunciation?

If so, you really want to check out Rachel’s English. On her site you will find this gigantic list of helpful resources that will let you know exactly how to position your mouth to make a specific sound in English.

No matter what pronunciation issue you might be encountering, Rachel has got you covered.
Check it out

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