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The Score Builder program for the TOEFL® Test is NOT for the following students:

  • NOT for students in a hurry
  • NOT for students who have less than a month to prepare
  • NOT for students who already have advanced English knowledge

The Score Builder Program for the TOEFL® Test is for:

  • Test takers who have taken the test before and need a higher score
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Here’s a tip from Katie Reaburn, one of our TOEFL Teachers.

One of my students from Colombia recently asked:

Katie, for the TOEFL Reading, how am I supposed to read the passage and answer the questions? There isn’t enough time.”

It certainly is difficult to manage your time for the TOEFL Reading.

The first step to better manage your time is to read and answer the questions at the same time. You simply do not have enough time to read the entire passage and then answer the questions.

The second step is to focus on keywords when reading and answering questions. Look for the words that carry the most meaning. We should focus most of our attention on verbs and nouns. For example:

What can be inferred about Columbus based on the information from paragraph 3?

(question) inferred/Columbus/paragraph 3 (keywords)
According to paragraph 4, how can we learn about the solar system’s earliest history?
paragraph 4/how/learn/solar system’s earliest history (keywords)
After you find the keywords it is time to find them in the text. You need to scan, meaning look at the passage without trying to understand what the sentences say, just looking for the keywords. Once you see that word, stop and then read the sentence to see if it contains the information you need.

The TOEFL Reading doesn’t have to be so difficult. Start answering the questions first and use keywords to answer questions so you can finish the section on time and get the TOEFL score you want”

– Katie


TOEFL Resources

Preparing for the TOEFL Listening requires practice, which is why we offer 100 TOEFL Listening practice questions for free on our site.

However, you may still need additional help, which is why we have collected a list of free TOEFL Listening resources:

Stay safe and good luck!

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— Josh MacPherson
Head Instructor at TST Prep


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