TOEFL Speaking 26+

How Does it work

1st  >  Get the assessment you deserve from a TOEFL Speaking teacher
2nd  >  Set up a study schedule that is designed to fit any schedule
3rd  >  Improve your speaking score through our revolutionary score building system

Tired of TOEFL Speaking hell?

You have taken the test before.

You have studied the books and maybe even took classes with teachers in the past.

But you are stuck in the 20-25 TOEFL Speaking score range and can not get out of it.

Escape the torture and enroll in TOEFL Speaking private lessons.

TOEFL Speaking Private Lessons

TOEFL Speaking

Private Lessons – 6h – 4 weeks


It includes:

  • 6x private online lessons
  • Personalized Speaking feedback
  • 3x TOEFL Speaking tests
  • 100x independent speaking topics

TOEFL Speaking

Private Lessons – 10h – 6 weeks


It includes:

  • 10x private online lessons
  • Personalized Speaking feedback
  • 6x TOEFL Speaking tests
  • 100x independent speaking topics

    TOEFL Speaking

    Private Lessons – 14h – 8 weeks


    It includes:

    • 14x private online lessons
    • Personalized Speaking feedback
    • TOEFL Mastery Course access
    • 10x TOEFL Speaking tests
    • 100x independent speaking topics

      Besides an expert TOEFL instructor, you will also gain access to:

      • Advanced TOEFL Speaking Templates
      • Self-scoring rubrics
      • Guide to Crafting Perfect Personal Examples

      By the end of the program, you will have:

      • Created your own advanced TOEFL Speaking templates
      • Designed a self-study schedule that works
      • Discovered your weaknesses and turned them into strengths
      • Practiced up to ten complete TOEFL Speaking tests
      • Learned the exact steps you must take in order to earn the score you need

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What time slots are available?

      We are committed to finding a time that fits in with your schedule. Our teachers have flexible schedules, so we are confident that there will be a time that works for you. Still, you can send an email to [email protected] if you would like to know more.

      Do you guarantee scores?

      We guarantee to provide you with the best possible TOEFL Speaking materials and teachers on the planet. However, it is impossible for us, or any other educational institution, to guarantee scores. Learning is a two-way street. If the student is not willing to put in the necessary time and effort, there is no way they will improve. Don’t believe other schools making empty promises like guarantees.

      How do I know your method will work?

      Most other books and courses only talk about TOEFL Speaking strategy. We have a 3-tier approach: TOEFL strategy, targeted practice, daily reflection. In each section of the test, you will learn not only about strategies but will be assigned specific practice activities for you to use those strategies and build your skills. Finally, you will keep a daily journal and reflect on what you have learned. This 3-tier system is what provides our students with incredible results.

      Who are the teachers?

      You can learn more at the teacher’s page, but every instructor at TST Prep has majored or minored in TESOL, ESL instruction, or some other aspect of education and the English language. They have all been handpicked and trained to teach classes using the TST Prep methodology.

      Do you provide practice questions and tests?

      All practice questions and tests are included in your package. Once you select a package, everything, including practice tests and course access, is included.

      What if I have to cancel a lesson?

      All lessons must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. As long as classes are canceled before that time, you can reschedule anytime.