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Do you ever feel like your teacher doesn’t understand your needs? John certainly has, which is why he specializes in helping students who feel stuck.

Book a class with John if you are ready to bring your English speaking fluency to the next level.



John Welkener is a certified ESL teacher from Dallas, Texas. John is passionate about helping YOU build the confidence and fluency you need so you can improve your English speaking, pass the TOEFL, and achieve your life goals.

John spent five years as an ESL teacher in elementary and secondary education. Currently, he is leading the Academic English bridge program at Murdoch University in Dubai. Recently he won the employee of the month award, after visiting a new student in the hospital who needed help.

John has an M.Ed. in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education from American College of Education in Indianapolis.

In his spare time, John enjoys playing guitar, eating exotic foods, and making new friends while traveling around the world.

John Welkener’s
Special Skills


English Speaking Specialist

John is currently available to help students like you improve your ability to speak English clearly and confidently.

Like most of you, John has struggled to learn a new language, almost seven years of Spanish. So he knows what it feels like to be frustrated, but he also knows how to overcome those obstacles.

If you are ready to improve your English and achieve your goals, John is ready and waiting to bring his passion for helping others into the class with you.


TOEFL Speaking Teacher

John specializes in helping students who feel lost in their TOEFL Speaking journey.

He teaches TOEFL Speaking privates lessons that always begin with an in-depth look at not just your speaking skills, but your study habits, future goals, and level of motivation.

Through careful analysis of your individual strengths and weaknesses, John will provide a specific and personal plan for your TOEFL Speaking success. Meet John today.

Student Testimonials


John was extremely well prepared and knowledgeable on his subject matter, and was able to present information in a way that inspired his students while broadening their knowledge of western perspectives.


Foreign Language Program Coordinator

Our teacher, Mr. John, is very professional. Academic English class has improved my English level a lot.

I just passed the first semester and what was hard at the beginning has now become much easier.


Academic English student

John is one of the best teachers I’ve ever met! His teaching style kept me focused and motivated. He improved my weaknesses and sharpened my strengths.

If you are looking for an intelligent, considerate and resourceful teacher, then I strongly recommend John to you.


Pharmacist, Regulatory Affairs Executive

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