Listening Practice Pack for the TOEFL Test – Sample

Listening Practice Pack for the TOEFL Test – Sample

Thank you for choosing TST Prep’s Listening Practice Pack – Sample.

These questions have been designed to help you build your listening skills over time, which is why they look a little different than the actual TOEFL® test.

The first thing to note is that there are no conversation passages. The TOEFL® Listening section of the exam consists of both conversations and lectures. However, these passages only consist of lectures, since this is the area of the TOEFL® Listening section students struggle with the most.

You can expect to find passages on the following topics:

On the test, you can expect each academic lecture to last between 4-6 minutes and to be followed by 6 questions.

Our short TOEFL® listening passages last between 60-120 seconds and are followed by just 2 questions.

This set of 100 TOEFL® Listening questions and 50 audio passages have been created to help students who need to build their listening skills. Students are able to focus more intently on audio passages that last less than two minutes when compared to lectures that go on for over five minutes.

Shorter audio passages will help students discover their weaknesses more quickly. You will find that there are some topics that contain more challenging vocabulary. You will also discover that some question types are more difficult to answer than others. Use these practice questions as a tool to help you discover your flaws and develop your listening skills.

The passages are divided based on topic. There are five different question types in the academic listening portion of the exam: main idea, detail, attitude, function, and inference. They are outlined in the table below.


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