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100 Free Reading Questions for the TOEFL® Test Use these TOEFL® Reading practice materials to start exercising. Increase your score with these dynamic questions for the TOEFL®.

Practice Reading for the TOEFL® Test – Online for Free A small sample of the 500 questions from the Reading Practice Pack the TOEFL® Test. These 100 questions are composed of nine different question types for the TOEFL® Reading Section.

100 Free Questions for the Listening Section of the TOEFL® Test Start practicing with these exercises for the TOEFL® Listening Section. Increase your score with these powerful TOEFL questions.

Practice Listening for the TOEFL® Test – Online for Free These questions have been designed to help you build your listening skills over time. Use these practice questions as a tool to help you discover your flaws and overcome them.

Free Practice Test for the TOEFL® Your complete practice for the TOEFL® test. Answer key and sample responses just a few clicks away.

Donate your Speaking Response – TOEFL® Improve by helping others improve. Check your speaking responses, learn to grade yourself and compare with others.

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