TOEFL Score Builder Program

Score Builder Program

for the TOEFL® Test

Improve your TOEFL® score by 5+ points

You’ve watched the Youtube videos.
You’ve taken the TOEFL® before.
But you need more help.
You need to improve your score, but you don’t know how.

The Score Builder Program for the TOEFL® is how you will improve.

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How does the Score Builder Program for the TOEFL® work?

You get videos. You get TOEFL® tests. You get practice questions.
All the usual stuff, but…
…you also get…
the score builder practice sets.
Each section comes with 60 unique practice sets that are designed to build the skills you need to score well on TOEFL® test day.

Score Builder Program for the TOEFL Test

Score Builder Program

5+ point improvement program


4 TOEFL sections
6+ weeks

It includes:

  • 10x Complete Practice Tests for the TOEFL®
  • Emergency Course for the TOEFL® Test
  • TOEFL® Score Builder Course (20+ hours)
  • 120+ hours of TOEFL® practice for all sections
  • 1000+ Score Builder activities for the TOEFL®
  • 1000 TOEFL® Reading and Listening practice questions
  • 100 Speaking and Writing questions
  • Your Grammar Guide for the TOEFL®
  • Downloadable e-books for the TOEFL®
  • Unlimited email support
  • Facebook group access

About the Instructor:

Josh MacPherson is the head instructor, presenter, and curriculum developer at TST Prep and English for Introverts. As of September 2021, his TST Prep YouTube channel has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. . His Emergency Course for the TOEFL® on Udemy has enrolled thousands of students from over 100 countries and, at the time of writing, has earned a 4.6/5 star rating.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a Master’s in ESL Curriculum and Instruction, he served as academic coordinator of the Intensive English Program at ASA College in midtown Manhattan and as the coordinator of the Corporate Sales Division for Shane Schools in Kansai, Japan. He now devotes much of his time to creating content, studying Japanese, and spending time with his wife and their three children.

Program Layout

Part 1: Introduction to the Score Builder
  • Score Builder Program Introduction
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Updated version of the TOEFL explained
  • Content words vs function words
  • Fixed vs growth mindset
  • How to develop a powerful inner coach
  • Extensive vs intensive practice
  • Self-study schedule
  • Manage stress and anxiety
Part 2: The Reading Section
  • TOEFL Reading Introduction
    • Improve concentration and minimize distraction
    • TOEFL Reading structure and grading
    • 3 secrets to build your vocabulary
  • TOEFL Reading: The 7x Strategies
    • Find hidden clues in the passage
    • Step-by-step formula for answering questions
    • How to find the correct answer every time
  • TOEFL Reading: Question Type Mastery
    • Complete guide to answering all question types
    • How to increase your reading score by 3 points
    • Improve your reading skills with one little trick
  • Reading Score Builder – Practice Sets – 1 to 60
    • Over 30+ hours of TOEFL Reading practice questions
    • Build your academic vocabulary
    • Practice paraphrasing and identifying correct answers
Part 3: The Listening Section
  • TOEFL Listening Introduction
    • Minimize distraction during the TOEFL Listening
    • TOEFL Listening structure and grading
    • Optimizing your self-study schedule
  • TOEFL Listening: The 6 Strategies
    • How to listen like a TOEFL teacher
    • Exactly what to expect from the conversation
    • Exactly what to expect from the lecture
  • TOEFL Listening: Question Type Strategy
    • Complete guide to answering all question types
    • How to take notes like a university student
    • Manage your time and answer all questions
  • Listening Score Builder – Practice Sets – 1 to 60
    • Over 30+ hours of TOEFL Listening practice questions
    • Improve your note-taking skills
    • Practice implementing active listening methods
Part 4: The Speaking Section
  • TOEFL Speaking Introduction
    • Using TOEFL Speaking templates effectively
    • TOEFL Speaking structure and grading
    • Optimizing your self-study schedule
  • TOEFL Speaking Question 1 Strategy
    • Identify common question 1 patterns
    • How to prepare your response in 15 seconds
    • Managing your response and finishing on time
  • TOEFL Speaking Question 2 Strategy
    • Learn question 2 structure
    • How to listen and take notes at the same time
    • ETS’ rubric and how to score your own response
  • TOEFL Speaking Question 3 Strategy
    • Identify the typical structure for question 3
    • How to prepare your response in 30 seconds
    • Basic and advanced student samples
  • TOEFL Speaking Question 4 Strategy
    • Question 4 structure and preparation
    • 4 things you must know about question 4
    • Best practices for speaking the entire time
  • TOEFL Speaking Advanced Strategies for 25+
    • How the TOEFL speech rater works
    • 4 ways to improve your pronunciation today
    • Best practices for improving your speaking speed
  • Speaking Score Builder – Practice Sets 1 to 60
    • Over 30+ hours of TOEFL Speaking practice questions
    • Develop North American speech music patterns
    • Develop effect TOEFL Speaking test-taking strategies
Part 5: The Writing Section
  • TOEFL Writing Introduction
    • Managing your time and reducing distraction
    • TOEFL Writing structure and grading
    • Optimizing your self-study schedule
  • TOEFL Writing Question 1
    • Typical question structure and topics
    • How to read the passage and take notes
    • Outline your essay in just 2 minutes
  • TOEFL Writing Question 2
    • 5 things you must know about writing question 2
    • Improve your typing speed
    • Word count and how to improve it
  • TOEFL Grammar for Writing
    • Using articles well
    • Create longer sentences
    • Parallelism and why it is important
  • Writing Score Builder – Practice Sets – 1 to 60
    • Expand your vocabulary
    • Improve grammar understanding and usage
    • Improve speed and efficiency when editing
  • Emergency Course for the TOEFL® Test
  • Your Quick Guide for the TOEFL®
  • The Essential Vocabulary List for the TOEFL®
  • 1000 Reading and Listening questions
  • Grammar Guide for the TOEFL®
  • Your Guide for TOEFL® Writing 24+
  • Your Guide for TOEFL® Speaking 26+
  • Self-Grading Rubrics for TOEFL® Speaking and TOEFL® Writing
  • Your TOEFL® Notetaking Guide
  • 240+ Score Builder Practice Sets

…and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already know about the TOEFL®?

This course is a perfect fit for you. You will hear some information you know, along with new tips, tricks, and strategies that you can use to help boost your score in every section.

What if I have questions during the course?

Our dedicated staff of TOEFL® experts is just an email away. You can direct any questions to [email protected] and expect a response within 24 hours.

Do you guarantee scores?

We guarantee that you will not find this one-of-a-kind advice anywhere else, but we cannot and do not guarantee scores.


Because you are not a machine.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee on all courses.

How long will I have access to the course?

All courses at TST Prep come with unlimited access for one year. There is no subscription plan. At the end of one year, you will simply be unable to access these materials (unless you purchase again).