TOEFL Teacher – Barbara Rodgers

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Barbara is an experienced ESL Teacher who creates a supportive, fun and focused learning environment

She enjoys helping students improve their English fluency and test scores



Barbara Rodgers is a professional ESL teacher from Washington State, which is located on the West Coast in the United States. She helps her students to reach their learning goals and enjoy the journey along the way.

She has a B.A. in Sociology and Writing, a Graduate Certification in English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education and is currently finishing her M.Ed. in Teaching English Speakers. Barbara has had the opportunity in her career to be one of the first volunteers in Costa Rica’s bilingual program and meet the country’s president.

She has also taught as a Professor of English and Yoga at the Universidad of Papaloapan in Mexico and trained others to teach English as a TEFL Teacher Trainer for Costa Rica TEFL. Most recently, she lived and taught in Spain coaching students in their English interviewing and resume writing skills. Additionally, Barbara has a professional background in recruiting and human resources, which compliments her ESL teaching skills to assist students in reaching both their academic and professional language aspirations.

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TOEFLTrial Lesson

Barbara’s extensive teaching background equips her with the expertise required to guide you toward your ideal TOEFL score. Just one 30-minute session can reveal your areas for improvement and harness your strengths, optimizing your chances for a higher score.


Feeling overwhelmed by the TOEFL challenge? Barbara is here to help, regardless of which part you find difficult. She offers both private and group sessions for dedicated learners aiming to achieve their target TOEFL scores and progress in their journey. Are you prepared to conquer the TOEFL and look forward to your future? Schedule your sessions with Barbara now.


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