TOEFL Teacher – Josh MacPherson

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Josh is our head TOEFL® instructor and curriculum designer. His intimate knowledge of the TOEFL® can help you understand your weaknesses and develop your strengths.

Tired of feeling lost? Josh will help you organize and prepare so you can succeed on the TOEFL®.



Josh MacPherson is the head instructor, presenter, and curriculum developer at TST Prep. As of September 2021, his TST Prep Youtube channel has amassed over 200,000 subscribers. His Emergency Course for the TOEFL® on Udemy has enrolled thousands of students from over 100 countries and, at the time of writing, has earned a 4.6/5 star rating.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a Master’s in ESL Curriculum and Instruction, he served as academic coordinator of the Intensive English Program at ASA College in midtown Manhattan and as the coordinator of the Corporate Sales Division for Shane Schools in Kansai, Japan. He now devotes much of his time to creating content, studying Japanese, and spending time with his wife and their three children.

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Student Testimonials


TST videos helped me a lot and I wouldn’t have been able to get the score I needed without them.

Josh gave me excellent tips on how to handle the time on the speaking part and on some other things that were preventing me from getting my goal score. With his help, I was able to achieve 29 on the speaking part totaling 104 on my score.

I highly recommend Josh and the TST team to everyone who’s studying with TOEFL.


Graduate student

I decided to take Josh MacPherson’s online tutorial classes. I had nothing to lose, I actually was ready to quit.

I took the test after my six sessions… I got shocked with my score, I went from 23 to 27!… it worked like magic. Josh is awesome!



I took 24+ writing class with Josh, I had not been confident as I am now. His strategy is to help you set the psychological state first to be ready for studying, then he explained how the e-rater work, so you can easily organize yourself to beat it.

Last thing he is resourceful and informative and willing to put his soul on helping out to reach my goal score.