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Todd uses his natural empathetic nature to understand your needs and design a study plan that leads to TOEFL success.

While Todd can teach all sections of the TOEFL, he specializes in the TOEFL Writing, giving you the feedback you need to improve your score by building your grammar and vocabulary.



Todd Stuchiner is a professional teacher from New York City. He has over 15 years of experience and three degrees including a TESOL, a B.F.A in Creative Writing and a Master’s degree in Education. He has taught English in Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany. Along with teaching TOEFL, he is currently a Senior Teacher and Mentor with Say ABC English School.

Todd is affectionately known as, “Teacher by day, comedian by night.” He is a professional comedian and no stranger to time limits, nor improvisation. Although Todd teaches all sections of TOEFL, he is commonly requested by students who want to maximize their speaking and writing scores. Todd uses his unique skills as well as TST’s proven methods to help students craft responses with advanced structure, grammar and vocabulary. While vocabulary may sometimes be boring, class with Todd is certainly not!

Todd currently lives in Berlin where he spends his spare time raising his two children, teaching online, and working on his comedy.

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Todd provides private lessons for committed students who find themselves struggling to find the time at home to organize their studies and focus. Todd uses his natural empathetic nature to understand your needs and design a study plan that leads to TOEFL success.





Duolingo English Test Teacher

If you need to go from a production score of between 80-110 and earn a 120 or higher then DET classes with Todd are a perfect fit. While he can help with every single available question type, Todd specializes in helping students improve their speaking and writing skills for a better production score.


Student Testimonials


I used to feel quite intimidated by reading and writing in English.

However, with Mr. Stuchiner’s help, I was able to overcome my fears and become comfortable with writing and reading in English.


International Student

Todd is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever met with regard to teaching. It has been over ten years, and we still keep in touch. It means that I am that much fond of him.

Beom June

International Student

I just want to thank you Todd for your tutoring. When I didn’t understand something you would explain again as many times as I required until I understood perfectly. I loved working with him. He is a very punctual, responsible, and very respectful person.


International Student

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