The American Progressive Era

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The American Progressive Era

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Directions: Before you start, listen to part of a talk in a US history class.

*Vocabulary is sometimes provided in written form when it may be unfamiliar to the student but essential for understanding the lecture

The Progressive Era
late 1800s

The American Progressive Era - Transcript

The Progressive Era was a time of wide-ranging causes and varied movements, where activists and reformers from diverse backgrounds and with very different agendas pursued their goals of a better America. These reformers were reacting to the challenges that faced the country at the end of the nineteenth century: rapid urban growth, immigration, corruption, industrial working conditions, the growth of large corporations, women’s rights, and surging anti-black violence in the South. Investigative journalists of the day uncovered social inequality and encouraged Americans to take action. While different causes shared some underlying elements, each movement largely focused on its own goals, be it the right of women to vote, the removal of alcohol from communities, or the desire for a more democratic voting process. Over time, some progressive campaigns proved more successful than others.